Sofia Vergara Sizzles on 'SNL' With 'Hunger Games' Skit & More (VIDEOS)

Sofia VergaraFor the most part Sofia Vergara rocked her performance on Saturday Night Live. She's smart, sexy, and hilarious, and she brought it all from the monologue (talking about how men in this country welcomed her with “opened arms and dropped-down pants.”) to a plethora of skits that showcased her many talents.

One of the standout skits was a spoof of the popular Hunger Games movie. With all of the buzz  from the movie, it's a natural target, but it's also kind of tricky because the material is so intense. Leave it SNL to figure out how to find the humor in a bunch of kids killing other kids in order to survive.

The Modern Family actress plays Capitol TV reporter, Maria Gutierrez, channeling a bit of HG character Effie Trinket with her look. She tries to interview participants during the game, and hilarity ensues. Watch the clip after the jump.


Best line is when Bill Hader, playing another anchor, gives a plug for supposed sponsor Tylenol, "The Hunger Games is brought to you by Tylenol. 'Spear in your head?' Tylenol." The drug maker may want to borrow that one for real. 

After getting in the way of a couple of other contestants ("They should call it The Funger Games because everyone is having so much fun!" she said.), Vergara finds the main star, Katniss Everdeen (played by Abby Elliott), who can't be bothered by her silly questions, of course. When Vergara starts prying her about her love life, she gives her poison berries.

All in all it was good, but not brilliant. I felt like there was so much more they could have done with Vergara and the movie. I would have loved to see her actually play one of the contestants, or otherwise with get down and dirty in the games instead just reporting from the sidelines. But at least they gave us a taste, and she proved she can shine no matter what.

Also deserving honorable mention was the hilarious Pantene commercial skit:

Overall Vergara's performance on SNL was a success. She came; she entertained; and she left us hungry for more.

What did you think of Sofia Vergara's SNL performance last night?


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