'The Ten Commandments' Would Be EPIC If One of These Guys Played Moses

ryan gosling"Let my people go!"

Whenever I think of Moses (which isn't actually all that often), the first thing that comes to mind is Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments. Dude had some serious swagger, you know? That booming voice, those fiery eyes -- oh wait, maybe that was just a reflection of the burning bush.

Anyway, you've gotta have a powerful presence to pull off playing the guy who parted The Red Sea, and Heston had it. In spades.

But let's say they were going to remake The Ten Commandments now ... which current Hollywood sensation could manage to carry the torch tablets?

Tough question, I know. Those are some big sandals to fill.

(By the way, I'm just assuming James Cameron would direct.)

I mean, I can think of a few possibilities, but would any of these really work?


1. Ryan Gosling Hey girl, thou shalt not steal ... my heart.

2. Gerard Butler This is SPARTA! Nope, sorry ... we seem to be in Egypt, actually. My bad.

3. Mark Wahlberg Nice to see you, Pharoah. Say hi to your mother for me.

4. Jason Statham Let my people go or I'm going to blow your brains through the f*&king toilet!!

5. Robert Downey Jr. Peace means having a bigger staff than the other guy.

6. Samuel L. Jackson There's muthaf*#kin' locusts on the muthaf*%kin' field!

7. Jonah Hill I bitched out? You bitched out, you f#*king Judas! I mean ... wait, that's the New Testament.

I know, there should be 10 actors for the 10 commandments, but I honestly can't think of anybody else. Can you?

Who would you cast as Moses in a remake of The Ten Commandments?


Image via gdcgraphics/Flickr

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