'Jersey Shore' Star Ronnie Proves He's No Punk on 'Punk'd' (VIDEO)

Ronnie on Punk'd

I remember the good old days of the hit MTV show Punk'd. Things may not be the same without funnyman Ashton Kutcher at the helm, but I like how they're mixing things up with different hosts every episode. This week's host? Bam Margera This week's target? None other than Ronnie of Jersey Shore.

The setup? Ronnie and some friends are in a car going to a fashion show when his stylist Jenny says she got her Aunt Flow and needs to grab some, ahem, feminine products at a convenience store. While she's inside, the store gets "robbed" and naturally, Ronnie is the guy that the "robber" calls to talk negotiations. What follows is absolute hilarity.

Trust me, this is something you've GOT to see. Check out Ronnie getting Punk'd, here:


Skip to around 8:20 to watch the fun:

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You've gotta hand it to Ron, he straight up kept his cool. The fact that he was even WILLING to go into the store is pretty legit. Not to mention, his negotiating skills were pretty top notch. Perhaps if this whole endorsement deal with Xenadrine Ultra doesn't pay the bills, he could opt for a career in law enforcement!

I also adore how he referred to himself as "the one with the muscles." Last time I checked, all of the guys (sans Vinny, sorry love) are pretty jacked up. That Ron, such a cutie.

What did you think of Ronnie's reaction to the robbery? What Jersey Shore cast member would you wanna see get Punk'd?

Image via MTV

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