Amanda Bynes' DUI Bust Proves She's Not 'All That' (PHOTO)

amanda bynes mugshotSure, Amanda Bynes spent the morning behind bars, but the former Nickelodeon star should really look on the bright side. Of course being arrested for DUI after allegedly sideswiping a police car in West Hollywood this morning wasn't the best way to start her day (at 3 a.m.), but at least she was wearing makeup for the mug shot! I mean, look at the average intoxicated celeb arrest photo: Bad skin, dark undereye circles, crazy hair.

Seriously, Amanda -- it even looks like you just had your hair blown out! Talk about good luck. (Although her hair color is troubling. Pink? Salmon? Silver?)

Apparently Bynes was trying to pass a cop car in her black BMW but, her sense of spatial relations being compromised, didn't clear the cruiser.

Drunk celeb swipes cop car ... damn, that had to be the easiest arrest ever. Like shootin' fish in a barrel!


Apparently everybody who knows Bynes has seen this coming for a little while now -- sounds like she's been quite the party girl lately, clubbing it all night and making questionable choices about transportation: Rumor has it she was three sheets to the wind when she drove away from Greystone Manor on St. Paddy's Day; a week before that, she allegedly sped away from a cop as he was writing her a ticket for talking on her cellphone while driving.

Bynes was apparently silent and covered her face as she left the jail later this morning (can't say I blame her), though she still appeared remarkably put-together. No word yet as to what triggered this apparent bender, but at least she hasn't lost her sense of style.

What do you think is going on with Amanda Bynes?


Image via LA County Sheriff

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