Kim Kardashian's New 'Accessory' Isn't Flattering (VIDEO)

kim kardashianKim Kardashian and Kanye West are officially dating, which means that fans have a new piece of juicy gossip to feed their Kardashian obsession. And let's face it -- Kim and Kanye do make a pretty hot couple. It's kind of refreshing to see her date someone other than an athlete, and Kayne really seems like a good match for her.

Kim was spotted looking super glam in a pair of leather pants while enjoying a date this week with West at Cafeteria in NYC. However, she also donned an extra "accessory" that really didn't do much to flatter her outfit at all.

Take a closer look at Kim's neck in this photo -- does anything seem strange to you?


See that red mark about midway up her neck on the side? Yeah -- I'm pretty sure that's a hickey. Really, Kim? A hickey? Nothing quite says stylish and classy like a fresh love bite.

My days of hot and heavy make-out sessions may be long gone, but I do remember when having a hickey was pretty darn cool. You know, like when we were in high school? I know I was always proud when I displayed a fresh blood sucking wound in homeroom on Monday morning. It was proof that I'd had a great weekend.

But as a grown adult, having a love bite is well -- pretty gross. There's really no good excuse for having one exposed -- period. And even if you do get carried away in the heat of the moment and wind up with the evidence on your neck, at least throw on a scarf or a turtleneck to cover it up. Heck -- Kim could've even thrown her long hair over her shoulders to hide it instead.

Aside from leaving a mark of love on her neck, Kanye also professed his love for Kim in his new song, which you can hear more about in the video clip below.

Do you have any special fashion tricks for hiding blemishes?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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