Khloe Kardashian Could Make Life-Changing Choice to Save Her Marriage (VIDEO)

khloe kardashian with lamar odom Remember when crazy Kris Jenner was encouraging Khloe Kardashian to amp up the drama in her marriage to Lamar Odom on their show Khloe & Lamar? Because apparently, a.) People don't like to watch happy couples on reality TV (I bet to differ!) and b.) Kris is so twisted that she doesn't mind throwing her offsprings' relationships under the bus for another few bucks. Now, regardless or perhaps as a result of Kris's involvement, there might actually be some strain there between the cute couple. Boo hiss!

It's safe to say that as long as Khloe keeps going along with her stage mother's wishes, including being a slave to the reality show "man," her marriage might very well be in trouble. But rumor has it that Khloe's choice isn't necessarily what you might expect from a Kardashian ...


An insider tells that "Khloe is fighting to save her marriage. She realizes the toll reality TV and being in the public eye has taken on her relationship with Lamar." Yes, good, but what's she gonna do about it? Well, the source claims that Khloe is "even considering not doing another season of Khloe & Lamar. [She] wants to make Lamar and starting a family her number one priority right now!"

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Way. To. Be! What a wise, wise woman. Here's the thing ... I'm a self-proclaimed feminist, but I would never recommend that anyone let their a job trump their marriage. As ambitious as I am, there came a point at my own career when I realized I needed to make a drastic job change, and the future was uncertain and scary. But my fiance was there for me every step of the way -- through that daring move, during my roughest times, and when I've enjoyed exciting career success. It's hard to think of a case in which a job would see you through a relationship ... So why would you throw your marriage away for a job? Besides, a job that forces you to choose between it and your personal happiness is probably a toxic mistake.

Even if you've got millions of viewers watching your show on a weekly basis, if that job is jeopardizing your marriage -- it's time to yell, "CUT!" Khloe has so many other ventures (charity work, DASH), so giving up the show to give a bit more to Lamar wouldn't end her career. She would only be doing what she had to to balance out her life and keep her marriage healthy and happy. To that she deserves a serious bravo!

And awww, here's a cute clip of the couple getting cozy ...

Do you agree that sometimes your job should take a backseat to your marriage?

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