Your Jennifer Aniston Neuron Is in Charge & Cannot Be Stopped (VIDEO)

jennifer anistonYou know, I've been wondering for years what it is about Jennifer Aniston. Why is the world so crazy about her? I mean, she's beautiful and all that, but no more so than dozens of other actresses. She's in one astoundingly mediocre movie after another and yet movie-goers flock to her. It's like everyone has an almost Pavlovian response to her image.

Well, science to the rescue! This mystery has been solved. As it happens, we have what's called a Jennifer Aniston neuron in our brains. No kidding, that's what it's called.


A neurosurgeon ran an experiment on his patients: While they were in brain surgery (fully conscious, but never mind that), he would show them pictures -- a dog, a house, Jennifer Aniston, snails. Every time he showed the Jennifer Aniston picture, a very specific neuron would fire. WEIRD.

Scientists went on to discover other A-listers whose images trigger their own specific neurons (Julia Roberts, natch), almost like the Hollywood Walk of Fame in your brain. (OMG, now I need brain surgery.)

And because this is science, it gets more complex! There's a theory that the Jen neuron is actually just the leading neuron in a whole series of hundreds or thousands of neurons that fire whenever we see a picture of her -- it's just that the combination always takes you to Jen. And if you want a real head trip, check out the whole explanation on NPR.

So I get it -- she's just a perfect storm of images and memories our brains like: Toned arms + long, caramel hair + that smile + "not too shabby for Rachel!" + yoga butt = Jen! You are powerless to resist. You WILL obey the Jennifer Aniston neuron. Bzz bzz.

Do you suspect you have Jennifer Aniston neuron -- or perhaps a Robert Pattinson neuron?


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