Whitney Houston's Autopsy Report Raises More Questions About Her Death (VIDEO)

whitney houston The final autopsy report has been released on what caused Whitney Houston's death, and not surprisingly, she died as a result of an accidental drowning, and also from the effects of having a heart condition and ingesting cocaine. That report leads one to believe that she must have passed out in the tub either from the drugs or something going on with her heart, and slipped under the water and drowned as a result.

But if that's really what happened to Whitney, then why do a few details about the death scene seem, well -- a bit off? Something just doesn't quite add up.


Dr. Drew Pinsky talked about the report on his show last night, and he made a few good points that are hard to argue with, and also offered a couple of different explanations for her death.

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First of all, Whitney was found lying face down in the tub, which he thinks suggests that the singer suffered a seizure that rendered her unconscious versus having something happen with her heart. He claims that a seizure is much more likely, because the heart disease she had was very "minimal." He also thought the low level of Xanax found in her blood indicated that she may have had a seizure out of chemical imbalance. If she'd been on Xanax for a long time and then went off of it, a seizure is a possible result.

Hmm. That does seem to make more sense. If she'd simply passed out and slipped under the water, then wouldn't she have remained face up?

The temperature of the bath water that Whitney was found in also raises concerns. Police measured the temperature of the water six hours after she was found, and it was 93 degrees Fahrenheit. Why on earth would it still be that warm a full six hours after she died? I'm sorry, but that just doesn't make any sense. When I take baths, I notice the tub water cooling off after about a half hour, so it seems almost impossible that it would be 93 degrees so long after she drowned. How hot was it when she got in?!

Dr. Drew seems to think the police should not rule out foul play in Whitney's case, and after hearing the details of the autopsy report, I have to agree with him. Something's fishy, alright.

You can hear more about Whitney's final autopsy report in the video clip below.

Do you think Whitney's death was truly an accident?


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