Bikini-Clad & Pregnant: Kourtney Kardashian Is Inspiration for Moms-to-Be (VIDEO)

kourtney kardashian pregnantSooo .... Kourtney Kardashian recently gave every pregnant lady -- famous and non -- a run for their money when she emerged bikini-clad (make that string bikini-clad) during a family vacation in the Dominican Republic. Mama looked gooood. But more than that, she looked ridiculously confident, strutting around in little more than some cloth and dental floss. Something I could never -- ever -- do while pregnant. No, really.


Luckily, the whole to-wear-or-not-wear a bathing suit thing never came up during my pregnancy (which is almost done!). I got pregnant in August, and spent the "larger" portion of my gestation in Hunter boots and parkas. But, if I were to be pregnant -- largely pregnant -- during the summer months, I'm not quite sure I could muster up the courage to walk around in a bikini a la Kourtney.

I know, most of you brave souls are probably thinking, "What's the big deal? You're pregnant," right? And you'd be right, I am pregnant and it shouldn't be a big deal. But for whatever reason, I feel more vulnerable and protective about my body now than I ever have in my life. Also, I really don't like people staring.

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I've always preferred going under the radar as opposed to having people, you know, pay attention to me and what I'm doing. And now that I'm pregnant, well, it's just not possible. Of course, warm smiles from women are always sweet, but the outright stares by dudes who look like they've literally never seen a pregnant woman in their lives are less welcome. Wearing a bathing suit would multiply that by a thousand.

Fact is, people look at pregnant chicks. They're a sight. Whether they're looking because "Aw, they're so beautiful," or "Wow, she got huge," doesn't matter. They look. And for women who don't like to invite the stares of others (hi), it can really mess with your self-confidence, for lack of a better word; and it makes you hyper-self-aware -- which sucks when you're pregnant.

So, for all you pregnant ladies out there who have no problem workin' it in a bathing suit, I tip my hat to you. For you are much more secure and confident than I. And, yes, I'll probably stare at you, too. But you can rest assured it's because I think you look lovely.

Check out Kourtney's pre-baby bod:

Did you wear a bathing suit when you were pregnant?

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