'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans May Be Hitting New Low With Drug Use (VIDEO)

tori rhyne talks to star magazine about jenelle evansTeen Mom 2 stars may be psyched for another season, but Jenelle Evans might not be celebrating right now ... that is, if she's heard what Tori Rhyne has been telling Star magazine. As the reality star's BFF since they were 12, Tori dishes that Jenelle "fell in love with [LSD]," even though she would reportedly rather smoke weed than do any other drug, and she is currently on probation for a drug possession charge from last year, and gets tested regularly.

Apparently, Tori is freaked out that Jenelle might take her affair with hallucinogenic drugs too far ... eek! While Jenelle already had a bad girl track record before this, Tori is making it sound like her friend has hit a new low.


Apparently, Jenelle's behavior is totally skewed by her alleged regular acid consumption, according to Tori. She says:

When Jenelle does acid she is an amazing person, but of course it is not her -- it is the drug that she is on. As bad as that sounds, I do worry about her because I don't want her to have a bad trip and never be able to get out of it.

Agh! We all know how friends and family of "famous" people can get, you know, trying to sell their BIG story for their own 15 minutes of fame, but this feels different for some reason. I'm not sure, but despite all the other drama going on between these two, I could buy that Tori is nervous about her best friend's well-being. She also claims that Jenelle has other "emotional problems," like cutting. Sheeze ... so awful, if it's true.

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In a statement to Star, Jenelle's lawyer, Dustin Sullivan, refuted Tori's claims, but if there is any truth at all here, then it sounds like Jenelle really does need help. Not sure what the exact solution is, but now that Tori has made her dear friend's dilemma public, perhaps she'll be more motivated to get help? Especially if it means she could lose custody of her son, Jace.

Check out Tori talking about her concerns ...

Do you believe Tori's claims about Jenelle's acid use?


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