Lisa Vanderpump Gets Her Own Show: Yay for Louboutins & Cheeky British Humour

lisa vanderpump spinoffOf all the Real Housewives to get a spinoff, I've gotta say, I'm pretty surprised that Lisa Vanderpump is among the chosen ones. That said, though, I'm thrilled. Forty-five minutes of tight dresses, Louboutins, and cheeky British humor every week? Yes, please!

It was just announced that LVP will be starring in her own Bravo show, tentatively titled Sur, which will broadcast the behind-the-scenes action at her Hollywood restaurant and lounge of the same name. (You know, the restaurant she and Ken were renovating all last season of RHOBH?) It's gonna be amazeballs.

And you guys, she's not the only Housewife who's getting her own show.


Bravo also announced that Kandi Burruss' The Kandi Factory -- you know, that special that aired last month? -- will be turned into a full-blown series, as well. Watch out, Bethenny Frankel, there's fresh meat on the Bravo spinoff circuit.

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Being that I'll basically watch anything that's on the network (except Tabatha Takes Over; I just cannot get into that), it's safe to say that Bravo has me by the balls. But the Housewives spinoffs are such an ingenious move on their part. There's already a built-in audience, and we basically just get to watch our favorite Housewives character non-mother-effin-stop. I mean, I'm at the point right now where I actually look forward to Bethenny Ever After more than any of their other shows.

While I love Kandi, I'm really happy that Bravo decided to give Lisa her own show. She's always been one of my favie-bears, and for whatever reason, this is something I never expected. So, thanks, guys. No one knows how to waste my time like you.

Are you excited about Bravo's spinoffs?


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