Kate Middleton's Pregnancy Isn't Going to Be Fun (VIDEO)

kate middleton pregnantSpeculation about when Kate Middleton will get pregnant started well before the Royal Wedding took place almost a year ago -- and it has continued to escalate ever since she and Prince William said, "I do." Can't they be left alone to enjoy their time as newlyweds for even five seconds? It must be exhausting to constantly be hounded about having a baby. Tabloid after tabloid has insisted that Kate is pregnant, even though the rumors thus far have all turned out to be false. Everyone wants Kate knocked up -- and they want it to happen right now.

But considering that People magazine even put out a story on their cover this week suggesting that Kate might already be pregnant, the baby rumors do seem to be heating up even further and getting much closer to becoming a reality. And exciting as Kate's pregnancy will be for the rest of the world when it finally happens, it probably isn't going to be too much fun for her.


Kate is already an incredibly hot ticket, but can you even imagine how much the paparazzi are going to follow her when she's sporting a baby bump? OMG. She's going to have cameras flashing in her face everywhere she goes. How annoying will that be? People will go nuts for shots of her growing belly, not to mention whatever maternity duds she turns up wearing.

And you know that her maternity clothes are going to be nothing short of amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if a few samples are already in the works from designers who are dying to leave their mark on Kate's pregnancy style. Of course, the pressure to look perfect while pregnant may put some extra stress on the Duchess. It's not like she'll be able to walk out of her house wearing a pair of leggings and a baggy top or a mu-mu. (As if!) She'll be expected to be dressed to impress even when she's uncomfortable during her last trimester and longs for a pair of stretchy pants.

I've always thought that it would be pretty great to trade places with Kate Middleton for a week or two and enjoy a taste of the royal lifestyle. But during her pregnancy? No thanks. Being a regular pregnant girl that no one really paid attention to suited me just fine.

Take a look at the video clip below to hear more about Kate's baby rumors.

How long do you think it will be until Kate and Prince William have their first child?

Image via People

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