Jamie Lynn Spears Turns 21 & Has a Surprise Up Her Sleeve (VIDEO)

jamie lynn spears twitter pic with daughter maddieJamie Lynn with daughter, MaddieReady to feel ooooold??? Jamie Lynn Spears, as in Britney Spears's little sis, turns 21 today, April 4. Wow. Doesn't it feel like just yesterday she was 16, starring on Nickelodeon's Zoey 101?

Of course, we all know what happened next ... She got preggers, left Hollywood to marry her baby daddy, Casey Aldridge, and became a teen mom to their daughter, Maddie. That's the last most of us heard of Jamie Lynn, but turns out there's a surprising twist to her story ...


She and Casey never married, and, most recently, she's been living in Nashville, Tennessee -- to ... take a wild guess! Begin working on a country music career, obviously. Wow, kind of unexpected, right? I guess I could have seen her getting back into acting, but following in her sister's footsteps (sort of) is sort of an out-of-the-blue fate. But I'm totally rooting for her.

Her debut album is reportedly on its way later this year. She told OK! magazine last year that the music on the album will be about her life as a pregnant teen and young mother. The stuff country hits are made of! Love it.

She elaborated:

I'm more honest in my lyrics than I am in anything else. It's where I feel the most safe to express myself. I write about growing up, my family, Maddie and getting pregnant. If I've lived it, why wouldn't I talk about it? I guess that’s been the coolest thing -- realizing that it’s OK to just be myself and really tell my story.

Awww. How cool is that? Musicians who don't mind baring their souls through their lyrics are the ones who deserve to hit it big over those who are just gunning for a hit. There's no doubt Jamie Lynn's got a lot to work with ... She may be just 21 years old, but she already has so many stories to tell. This could really be her banner year!

Here's a cute video about the Spears sisters ...

Would you check out Jamie Lynn's debut album?


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