Robert Pattinson Shows Off His Seduction Skills in New 'Bel Ami' Trailer (VIDEO)

bel ami

After watching the newly released trailer for Bel Ami, I'm seriously jumping out of my seat with anticipation of the premiere of the film this summer. O.M.G. How in the heck are we supposed to wait until then to see Robert Pattinson's beyond sexy seduction techniques?! This dude's got some serious game, and we're finally going to have the chance to see a much steamier side of him than Edward Cullen ever gave us. Bring it, Rob, bring it.

The whole vampire thing is impossible to resist, but something tells me grown women are going to get a much bigger kick out of seeing Rob get busy as an adult human being. Or at least I know I'm pretty giddy about it.


In Bel Ami, Rob's character actually woos not one, but three women, played by Christina Ricci, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Uma Thurman. Lucky gals. I knew I should've gone into showbiz. I could've really gotten into character in one of those roles.

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Ok, enough teasing. Watch the new Bel Ami trailer and try not to get all hot and bothered.

So, what'd ya think? Didn't some of those scenes make you blush a little bit? And aside from his moves in the bedroom, hearing Rob use his super sexy English accent is also going to kick the appeal of this film up another notch. Mmm. He could talk to me all day long (and all night for that matter) and I wouldn't get sick of hearing his voice. This trailer is such an enticing appetizer, and I can't wait for the main course in June.

Do you think Rob's chemistry with his Bel Ami co-stars looks steamier than his on-screen chemistry with Kristen Stewart?


Image via MoviesDotComOfficial/YouTube

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