'True Blood' Season 5 Gets June Premiere Date & Surprise 'Re-vamp'

true blood fairy sookieGet those calendars ready, Truebies: HBO has finally confirmed a debut date for True Blood Season 5, and it's ... drum-roll ... June 10!!! Woo-hoo! So make sure you go ahead and let everybody in your life know they can't count on you that night. Not for anything. (Unless they're hosting a True Blood Viewing party.)

AND that's not all! There's even more True Blood Season 5 news today!

Which, if you happened to be less-than-thrilled with the way the faeries were depicted last season, you'll take as welcome news.


According to new cast member Camilla Luddington (she'll play Claudette, the sister of Sookie's faerie godmother, Claudine), the species of supernaturals will be more Bon Temps badass than Lumiere fruit-eating ethereal:

"I remember getting to set and being really blown away by what they’ve done this season, especially with the faeries. I’m excited for people to see the revamped version of the faeries.”

Wait a second, did she say re-vamped? Was that a clue?! Will the faeries of Season 5 grow fangs?!?!

At least we won't have to wait tooooo much longer to find out. It's tough to guess specifics from the rest of what Luddington had to say, which is that audiences will "learn more about what it means to be a faerie."

Although we do know they'll still be able to shoot light beams from their hands (which is apparently not that easy to get the hang of!):

"They’re very specific about how you use your hand to execute that light ... So I had light practice ... I’m sure I looked absolutely ridiculous."

Counting down the days!! Let's see ... 26 ... 31 ... 67! 67 DAYS LEFT 'til True Blood Season 5!

What do you think the "re-vamped" faeries will be like?


Image via HBO

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