Cory Monteith Makes Lea Michele Happier & That's Good News for 'Glee' (VIDEO)

rachel berry and finn hudson gleeCan you imagine a world in which Rachel Berry was played by a miserable brat? Someone who was a total diva but also seriously depressed? Gaaah!! Nightmare! Well, it sounds like that was almost the case this season -- when Lea Michele was dating Theo Stockman and trying to keep up with their long-distance love. Sources tell Us Weekly that back then, before their split, she was "always depressed being so far away from him and not getting to see him. ... Long distance is not her thing."

But thankfully, what is her thing these days is Cory Monteith. Ahhh! I know I'm such a fangirl for this on- and off-screen couple. But they are adorable. And as it turns out, their pairing also sounds integral to the success of Glee!


Because, think about it: What would it be like to be on the Glee set if Lea was always down in the dumps? There's no real "leading lady" on the show, but she definitely gets a lot of press and acts as the frontwoman quite a bit. If she had tried to stay with Theo and had gotten even more sad and depressed, it's likely that her downward spiral could have cast a miserable tone over the whole production!

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But now that she's head over heels for Cory and they get to be together on set, I'm sure everyone and, in turn, the show is better off. Being around happy, lovestruck people tends to make people more Glee-ful. (Ba-dum-da!) The Us source confirms it, dishing, "Cory is definitely having a positive effect on Lea. She's much less miserable these days!"

Sweet. That has to be good news all around. I'm sure it also translates on-screen, because being less miserable means she's got more energy to keep her head in the game. Not to mention that having her real-life love play her on-screen boyfriend is just an added bonus!

Here's a video of Lea dishing about Glee a couple months back ...


Do you think Cory and Lea's relationship is good for the show?


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