The Secret to Kate Middleton's Relationship Is Being 'Middle-Aged & Dull'

I've come tokate middleton prince william realize that I can't expect much out of Kate Middleton and Prince William as a couple. There's never going to be any drunken brawls outside of London clubs between the two; there aren't going to be police officers showing up at their door in the wee hours of the morning; and there won't be an unwarranted media frenzy if we catch Prince William without his wedding ring. 'Cause he doesn't wear one. The couple, if you ask Prince Harry, has already become middle-aged and dull -- and they haven't even been married a year.

And it's true. They are decidedly middle-aged and dull. Want to know what the Duke and Duchess like to do in their free time, despite the exorbitant amounts of money and butlers they have at their disposal?


Nothing really! A source told the Daily Mail: "William doesn’t really go out anymore and Kate never did. They are both just happy at home eating home-cooked suppers, curled up on the sofa watching movies." Source then added: "They love to walk and dine alfresco, often using the sausage maker Kate bought William two summers ago. They enjoy DVD box sets, and Kate has the latest series of acclaimed Danish crime drama The Killing lined up for their next sofa session.” Settle down there, kids. Don't want to get too crazy.

The truth of the matter is, Wills and Kate have a crazy life in and of itself, being that they're, you know, the future king and queen of England. I can't think of a more perfect way to spend time together in between charity functions and balls than just hanging out, watching movies. If the two were constantly surrounded by friends and going out non-stop, that would say something about their relationship. It would say that they're not content to just spend time together doing nothing. So, in this case -- and lots of cases, if you ask me -- boring equals good. Because when the lights come on and the music stops, you want to still like the person you're with.

Are you part of a "boring couple"?

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