Kim Kardashian Spotted Getting Her Fast Food Fix at Wendy’s

kim kardashian wendy'sOh look, here's a picture of Kim K getting her fast food fix at a Wendy's in an airport in the Dominican Republic.

Oh Kim, why are you doing this to me? Now all I can think about are mean jokes like "so that's how she keeps her tushie cushy!" No! I didn't mean it! There is no shame to being photographed holding those bags. None whatsoever! I'm so not judging you -- at all. Really.


Of course, Kim has been working out six day a week and trying to watch what she eats lately. She tweeted last week, "I've been trying to change my bad eating habits -- slow process but its working. I feel so much better! Sugar, dairy & gluten free. HARD!"

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Oh no, how the mighty have fallen already! Days later, NOM at Wendy's. Kim, Rule #1 about healthy eating makeovers is don't tweet about your new eating habits and then do a photo op gettin' burgers. Guess that new diet lasted almost as long as her marriage! Badump bumb!

Aw damnit, there I go again. I swear, it's compulsive -- like when you just can't resist eating one more fry. Poor Kim, she just wanted a little treat. And goodness knows the options at airports aren't exactly healthy. Maybe she got a salad. With a side of ketchup. No judgement!

What do you think Kim got at Wendy's?


Image via Splash News

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