Daniel Craig's 007 Opener for the Olympics Better Include Kate Middleton

Daniel CraigWhen watching the Olympics, sometimes it feels as if a majority of the opening ceremonies is an excuse for the host city and country to show off how amazeballs it is. I remember watching the Opening Ceremonies in Beijing on August 8, 2008. After being completely blown away, I'll admit my immediate reaction was: OMG. China is the coolest country everrrr.

So it's no wonder London is pulling out all the stops for the Olympics this summer. And what better icon to represent the awesomeness of being English than James Bond (I guess besides Harry Potter?). You can't have a worldwide spectacle in England without the one and only Daniel Craig, it seems. And even the Queen's in on it!


Queen Elizabeth II, who came up with this brilliant idea, gave Daniel Craig and the crew unprecedented access to never-before-seen rooms (by us common folk) within Buckingham Palace. Of course, I was gonna tune in anyway to watch the Olympics, but this makes the opening ceremonies a clear can't-miss!

Danny Boyle, of Slumdog Millionaire fame, is the director of the short. He and 007 I mean Craig have reportedly shot a skit called "The Arrival." It sounds like in the skit, Bond travels to B-Ham Palace to find out his mission: Launch the 2012 games. Easy enough. Then he hops into a helicopter, presumably with a martini in hand, and flies to the Olympic stadium in Stratford. He'll then parachute into the arena and kick-start the games.

Blimey, can you imagine the potential for cameos in this skit? Supposedly the Queen will be making one. Okay, so it kind of sounds borderline Billy Crystal-esque, but I think the only thing this skit needs is an appearance by Kate Middleton to take England from country with people with cool-sounding accents to holy crap this country's amazing!! I know, it's borderline impossible, but I think Duchess Catherine letting loose as a Bond girl would seriously cause the world to eat itself in excitement.

Still, even though those of us who are tuning in can always dream, Daniel Craig is always fun to look at, and I can't wait to see if this skit comes across as totally cheesy or totally mind-blowing. This is also pretty great buzz for the release of the new James Bond movie, Skyfall, coming out in November 2012. If you want to catch a glimpse of 007 on the set of the new movie, check out this video:

What do you think of Daniel Craig as 007 at the London Olympics? Are you hoping Kate Middleton will make an appearance?


Image via brava_67/Flickr

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