Camille Grammer Isn’t the Only One Leaving ‘RHOBH’

dana wilkeyWe learned last night that Camille Grammer isn't returning to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she's not the only one. Yes Lisa, Adrienne, Kim, Kyle, Taylor, and Brandi are all coming back but their lackey Dana Wilkey? Not so much. Dana, who was billed as a friend of Taylor's, was not invited back to the show for season three after her less than impressive run on season two. Her attempts to ingratiate herself with million-dollar lollipop holders, $25,000 sunglasses, and a cringe-worthy Kim Richards kiss ass sessions have fallen short. Poor Dana. So desperate. So transparent. So last season.


But frankly, I couldn't be happier that there will be no more Dana on my television. Watching her on TV was an affront to Americans struggling to pay their bills. I know that all the Housewives are super, super rich, but Dana's way of spending cash on ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS MATERIAL ITEMS was insulting. And the way she'd brag about such purchases was nauseating. She so desperately wanted to fit in and thought that spending money was the way to get people to like her.

It was so tragic to watch her crash and burn on the show. All she wanted was to be a part of the in-crowd and now she's been given the old heave-ho by Bravo. Next thing you know she'll be sitting on a toilet seat cover in the bathroom at Le Sur, crying thick, salty tears into her homemade bologna and cheese sandwich.

Goodbye, Dana. May you find another group of women in Beverly Hills who will be impressed by your bling and who will keep you around because you're hopeless enough to pay for dinner. You'll be fine. You and Kim G. from The Real Housewives of New Jersey should get a drink. I think she has a lot to share on what life's like after your 15 minutes of B-roll camera time is up.

Will you miss Dana on RHOBH?


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