Lindsay Lohan Kisses 'Emotional Attachments' Goodbye -- for Now (VIDEO)

lindsay lohanOh ye of little faith! Lest you think Lindsay Lohan isn't serious about this whole getting her act together thing, just wait til you hear this latest development: Sources say LiLo is swearing off "any relationships or emotional attachments for the time being." The better to focus on playing Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime movie Liz and Dick.

You go, Lindsay! Way to celebrate the official end of your probation!! Ain't no stoppin' you now! Oh ... hold the phone. Hang on just a second. Does anybody know if the role of Dick has been cast?
Nothing like an on-set romance to derail a gal's good intentions ...

Okay, so as far as anyone seems to know, the role of Taylor's long-time flame Richard Burton has yet to be filled. Whoa. This is huge! Because since we can assume whoever snags the part is going to be Lohan's next "emotional attachment," we can only hope the guy is a decent sort. You know, a stand-up sort who won't end up leading Lohan back down the same old self-destructive path.

So who should it be?

I've heard quite a few people say Gerard Butler, who would make a pretty good Burton, but let's face it: He's beyond Lifetime movies. I've also heard some votes for Justin Timberlake, just cause he's ... Justin Timberlake, I guess, but again -- Lifetime? Nope.

Maybe Henry Hopper, the young thespian son of Dennis Hopper who was supposedly hanging pretty close with Lohan just a few weeks ago? (Before she swore off dating, of course.) He's not right for the part at all, but he looks like a nice enough fellow ...

Who would you pick to star with Lindsay Lohan in Liz and Dick?

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