Introducing 'The Daily Stir' (VIDEO)

The Daily StirWhat could possibly be more fun than reading The Stir? Watching it, of course! We ADORE the millions of awesome readers that come to The Stir on the regular. Now, we're turning the content that you all know and love into a daily YouTube show with the help of CafeMom Studios.

Meet The Daily Stir! A show where you can join yours truly, as well as my wonderful co-host, our very own editorial director Amy Boshnack, to gossip about everything from parenting and politics to celebrities and style. That's right: we'll be talking about what moms are talking about.

I know, how TOTALLY exciting? The best part? The fun starts right now. Check out the first episode of The Daily Stir, here:



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Will you be tuning in to The Daily Stir?


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