'True Blood' Season 5 Sneak Peek: Who Is Eric Kissing?! (VIDEO)

true blood eric billSink your fangs into this, Truebies! True Blood Season 5 is -- hallelujah! -- not all that far away anymore (June, baby, June!!), and from the looks of this preview clip, it's going right for the jugular.

There. Will. Be. Blood.

And bodies to bury, and hotties with no shirts on, and plenty of steaming hot vamp/human/shifter/etc. love. I'm pleased to report that Pam looks to be totally back to normal (phew! That rotting face thing was harsh!), and less pleased to inform you that Terry looks like he went off the deep end for real (he's such a sweetheart, even if he is kinda nuts).

BUT here's the big news ...


We get to see Eric kissing somebody -- who's NOT Sookie! I don't know WHO she is! Because there seems to be some kind of crazy fire raging in the background, and the air is filled with smoke and the kiss goes by super fast and, besides, I'm pretty sure Eric's lip-locking partner is somebody we've never seen before.


Check this out -- can you identify Eric's mystery woman?

Are you dying for True Blood Season 5 to start already?!


Image via trueblood/YouTube

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