Charlize Theron's Shocking Sex Tape Is a Must-See (VIDEO)

charlize theron sex tape screenshotOMG, Charlize Theron has a totally KINKY sex tape! Who knew she was into completely dirty, dark, and creepy sex?! Well, now the whole world knows, because a sex tape ... filmed on what appears to be an iPhone ... has made its way on to the web. Whoa!

But wait, there's even more to the shocking story ... it's a total JOKE! Ha. Yeah, it's a parody. Charlize filmed the "sex tape" as a April Fools' Day joke. I realize she's done a little bit of comedy in her career, but Theron has never really struck me as the type to have you laughing so hard that you're in tears. But she's completely capable! As it turns out, the woman has good looks and an awesome sense of humor. Not to mention that when it comes to "competing with" Hollywood's sex tape stars like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, the award-winning actress is firing on all cylinders!

Here's her "sex tape" ...


Not exactly what you expected, right??? But sooo hilarious! Yes, she actually says, "Charlize Theron is burning you with scalding hot milk!" Haa! Amazing!

The best thing about it is that it's a complete slap in the face to these ridiculous celebs releasing "victimized" by leaked sex tapes. You would think the publicity-seeking trend would have run out of steam by now! But no! Every now and then, another reality star or even A-lister is "hacked," and their X-rated video(s) or photos hit the web. Are we still so naive -- to think that it's unintentional? Like Charlize says in her video, "I hope nobody sees this that's not supposed to see this!" (Hee hee!) I'd venture to guess that's pretty much the story behind every sex tape. Now, how about we collectively take Charlize's hilarious satire as a lesson and never be fooled again?

Does Charlize's "sex tape" crack you up?


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