Prince Harry Saves Polo Player’s Life & Gets Sexier by the Minute (VIDEO)

Prince Harry polo match
Real life knight in shining armor
It's not enough that he came to the aid of a random woman who was unwittingly tossed into a pool. Or that he raced across London to help a friend who was mugged. Or that he's an active duty officer in the English Army. Or that he made many a lady swoon, including this one right here, with his sexy dance moves. Now Prince Harry has to go and rescue an unconscious polo player. Jeez, can the guy stop being so damn attractive?

During a recent charity polo match in Brazil, Prince Harry leapt off his horse and ran to the aid of a competitor who fell onto the ground and lost consciousness. No, really, he leapt and ran like an actual knight in shining armor. Check out the video.


Did you not see that? That was leaping. And running. Our boy didn't hesitate for a split second. Swoon. (Again.)

It's kind of hard to tell in the video, but according to reports, Harry, who, did you see was the first person to rush over(?), immediately flipped Bash Kazi, the injured man, into a recovery position, with his mouth pointing downward to prevent choking, and massaged his neck until he came to. I mean, I know he's in the Army and all, but still, it's pretty impressive and admirable that he never hesitates for a moment when in these situations, which, for some reason, he does seem to find himself in often. Definitely can't say that for all privileged folk.

The outcome to this story -- like all stories involving Harry -- is a good one. Kazi is perfectly fine and incredibly grateful to the valiant prince. In fact, he even got to experience something women across the world can only dream of. He said that when he came to, all he remembers is "these piercing blue eyes looking at [him]." I bet he does.

Do you find Prince Harry sex-ay?

Image via Chris Jackson/Getty

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