Katie Couric Co-Hosting 'GMA' May Be a Little TOO Stimulating

Katie Couric hosting GMA

Upon watching the promos that Katie Couric is going to be guest co-hosting Good Morning America next week, I thought: Wow, that is an extremely bright fuchsia dress. My head kind of hurts already. Couric is definitely going to brighten up the set of the ABC morning show in more ways than one. Couric was America's Sweetheart when she was on NBC's Today. It's because of her that Today has been winning the morning show ratings war since 1995, although GMA has gotten feisty in recent years and isn't that far behind ... a gap the network hopes to narrow even more with Couric on board next week.


Couric's personality was made for morning TV (evening news, not so much, as everyone found out the hard way). The 55-year-old host has always done better with lifestyle and gossip than politics and hard news. She was and is always so approachable and smiley and funny, the type of person who is good to have talking to you in the background as you brush your teeth and chase your kids in the morning. It worked well when she was with Matt Lauer because that guy never smiles, so they balanced each other out.

But George Stephanopoulos is equally approachable and smiley and funny. Is there such a thing as too much happiness in the morning?

I'm all for starting the day off on a positive note, but I'm not altogether sure that this "super bubbly" pairing will not make the heads of grumpy Americans explode so early in their day.

Something tells me that there's going to be a lot of laughs, jokes, and stunts on the show all next week, at least if the promos released by GMA are any indication. Katie jokingly mistakenly calls George "Matt." Weatherman Sam Champion tells Lara Spencer "that'll do" as Couric walks past during a discussion of who will do the show next week while Robin is on vacation. Wolfgang Puck seems to make some sort of joke about Katie's boobs. Hahaha, you guys.

I just worry that with all that hilarity and joy going on, everyone is going be so sucked in that nobody will feel like going to work. Or -- the opposite -- that it will make us realize how truly crappy our jobs really are and we'll just be depressed. Either way, I'd be worried if I were you, Robin Roberts.

Are you a fan of Katie Couric?

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