'Glee' Couple Rachel & Finn Need to Dump Each Other, Already (VIDEO)

Rachel and Finn on 'Glee'

T-minus less than two weeks until Glee makes its valiant return to FOX Tuesdays (!!!). I don't know HOW I've been surviving this hiatus. Legit, I just have so many questions! Most importantly: Is Quinn dead or alive?! Wait, I take that back. Even MORE importantly: did Rachel and Finn actually go through with tying the knot?!

While it's still YET to leak whether or not Finchel actually said "I do" -- some other interesting information is surfacing this week detailing the future of McKinley's fave couple. Could a possible break be in their future?

Wanna know what the juicy gossip is all about? Read on:


Rumor has it Finn has an opportunity to move out west to California. Uht-oh! What is this going to mean for the couple? Rachel's every dream is in New York City. I could NEVER see her giving that up, even for Finn. Could she maybe head to Hollywood instead? It's a possibility. But dare I say it -- maybe heading down different paths is exactly what the couple needs, for a couple reasons.

First off, they're young. Whether or not you agreed with the duo getting married (or trying to, anyway) so early on, there's no denying that, yes, Finn and Rachel are VERY young to be making such a mature, grown-up decision. Taking some time to do some soul searching on their own will give them time to discover if being together forever is REALLY what they want.

And secondly, if they do their own thing for a bit, then there won't be a grudge later on. Say, for example, Finn did sacrifice what he wanted to go to NYC with Rachel. I wouldn't doubt years down the line, he'd get angry with himself that he didn't pursue something for him.

Don't get me wrong, I love Finchel. I just think that maybe some time apart could be good. I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Take a look at the promo for the April 10 episode, "Big Brother," here:

Do you think Finn and Rachel are going to stay together? Do you think they tied the knot?


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