List of Most Overexposed Celebs Is Missing a Few Names (VIDEO)

kardashiansForbes' list of the most overexposed celebrities is out, so I thought I'd expose these overexposed celebrities a little more by exposing how overexposed they are. You can probably guess who tops the list -- 65 percent of people polled said that Kim Kardashian was the most overexposed star to date. Although it would seem that her entire family would place in the top five, Lindsay Lohan came in second, Snooki came in third, the Octomom came in fourth, and Paris Hilton came in fifth. Kourtney and Khloe were eighth and ninth, respectively.

The list sounds about right to me, hard to argue with the top three celebs. But one question: what the hell is Paris Hilton doing on this list? Last I heard, she was whispering slow raps about drunk texting. She's trying her best to be overexposed, but sorry, she's kind of not on my radar anymore. But you know who is?


Jessica Simpson. If I see or hear one more thing about how heavy Jess is, or how much she loooooooves sex during pregnancy, or how she's finally given up on waddling around on high heels, I'm going to scream. Jessica is overexposed in my opinion, and as soon as she gives birth, it's only going to get worse.

Another person that seems to be all up in my grill is Katy Perry. Kinda need a break from her in a big way. Enough with the outbursts and the partying and the blue hair and the music videos ... I can't take it anymore.

And don't get me started on Bethenny Frankel. She's probably not a big enough star to be considered for a spot on the "overexposed" list, but still. I can't look at an RSS feed without seeing her name, then internally hearing her voice whine on about how terrible her life is, despite being a multi multi millionaire with an adorable baby girl.

Even though I'm not convinced Paris belongs on the list (nor the Octomom, for that matter), the poll pretty much gets it right with the other celebs. Yeah, it's missing a few names, but can you really disagree with a list where the Kardashians account for 30 percent of the the top 10 overexposed celebrities? No. No you cannot.

Who's the most overexposed celebrity in your mind?

Speaking of overexposed, here's what New Yorkers think about overexposed pregnant celebs:


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