Kim Kardashian Is Setting Herself Up to Lose in Love Again (VIDEO)

kim kardashian being interviewedKim Kardashian's life may seem rocky at times, but there's one constant: She's never going to stop searching for Prince Charming. This is a woman who says she's swearing off of love, only to be enamored by a new object of affection within weeks or throwing herself back on the dating market in a big way. Although she was just on the talk show circuit discussing her desire to be single for a while, it seems she's ready to get back in the saddle!

And she told Us Weekly that this time around, she's going to trust Kourtney do the picking, because her expectant sister "is really practical these days!" (Khloe is exempt, because she is in Dallas, and thus, Kim doesn't think she "knows anyone.") It's really no big deal asking her sister to set her up, but it does sound like she is making another HUGE mistake ...


She told the mag that she's got a certain kind of guy in mind. Specifically, "a lawyer or a businessman." (Like her dad, huh? Interesting!)

As much as I can understand her wanting to break free of some of her past stereotypes (like dating entertainers and athletes), by focusing on another specific type of guy, she's setting herself up to fail.

I speak from experience, having had a set type in mind pretty much since I was a little girl! And when I was looking for that exact type of guy, I closed myself off to so many wonderful possibilities. I'm not sure how, but by some amazing stroke of luck, I wasn't so completely stupid that I passed up my now-fiance. Even though he didn't fit my type in certain ways, he turned out to be my perfect match. Ever since, I've implored single friends not to limit themselves with too many specific requirements for a potential match. You never know who you might find and who might surprise you!

Sure, a lawyer or businessman may be the right guy for Kim ... But so might a boom operator on her show or a freelance photographer. If she really wants to meet her next match, she's gotta be more open-minded about who could be her Mr. Right.

Here's news on how Kim has changed since the divorce ...


Do you think going after a very specific type is a no-no if you want to find love?

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