It's Lindsay Lohan's Last Day in Court, Supposedly (VIDEO)

lindsay lohanIt's the end of an era. Today is Lindsay Lohan's last scheduled court appearance and I feel like my little baby is all grown up. Linds has had a tough road of it, what with the stealing and the drugs and the alcohol and the car accidents and probation violations, but it's all over now. She's done her time and paid for her crimes and she's now out from under the restrictive wing of the judicial branch. Our little jail bird can now fly free. Three. Slow. Claps.

As much I'm going to miss seeing Lindsay's profane nail polish, crocodile tears, and overtly sexy outfits in our court of law, I'm happy that she's able to put all this behind her and start over. And it sounds like she's happy, too. LiLo's vowed never to be in front of a judge again.


Umm. OK. Let's just take her word on that and move on.

If you're wondering what happened to that hit and run she was accused of a few weeks ago, the probationer doesn't think that case carries any weight. He's not going to let that alleged incident stop Lindsay's release from probation. Lucky break, eh?

Lindsay has provided us with so much real-life drama over the past few years that it will be interesting to see if she's able to convincingly act in TV and movie dramas anymore. Even though her SNL appearance was underwhelming, I'm still looking forward to her portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor and her guest spot on Glee. I'm just rooting for her, you know?

Why, exactly, I'm not sure. I guess I just need my Lindsay fix no matter in what form it comes. I've become so used to her court appearances that I'm afraid if she doesn't get some legit work, and if she stays clean, I'll go into withdrawal. My name is Lindsay, and I'm addicted to Lindsay.

Do you think this is the last time we'll see Lindsay Lohan in court?

Watch Lindsay declare she'll never be in front of a judge again:


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