Clay Aiken Can't Really Think He's a Better Singer Than Rihanna, Can He? (VIDEO)

clay aikenUm, wow. Clay Aiken? That's all I have to say about you, my friend. Um ... WOW. Did the former American Idol -- oh, I'm sorry, I meant to say the former American Idol runner-up -- actually think it was his place to criticize Rihanna ... for her voice, of all things? Not her choice in men, not her sometimes questionable fashion sense ... but her voice?!

Girl can sing CIRCLES around Clay Aiken! And still, he had the nerve to include Rihanna in his list when asked in an interview which current stars wouldn't make the cut on Idol.


Seriously, here's what the Botox-happy -- oh, I'm sorry, I meant to say Corrective Surgery for TMJ-happy -- celeb said:

"Um ... Rihanna has some pitch problems for sure. She does...Now I'm gonna get in trouble, too."

Um ... yeah. Yeah, you are gonna get in trouble, Clay Aiken. Unless you can plead temporary insanity for calling out a singer who's a bazillion times more talented than you could ever hope to be.

Poorly played, Aiken. Poorly played. Although hey, it's not like Rihanna has a gigantic fan base that didn't like you in the first place and now probably HATE you for what you said.

So it could be worse! (I'm lying.)

I think maybe that non-Botox must have gone straight to Aiken's head.

Can you believe Clay Aiken had the audacity to insult Rihanna?

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