‘Pauly D Project’ Will Be the Best ‘Jersey Shore’ Spinoff (VIDEO)

Pauly D ProjectFrom the first second I watched Pauly D on The Jersey Shore, I knew this young Italian stallion had it made. I just adore everything about his down-to-earth yet guidotastic persona. Which is why I legit couldn't of been more excited about his new spinoff show The Pauly D Project which premieres tomorrow March 29 on MTV.

Yeah yeah yeah whatevah, we all know that now that Snooki is pregnant -- her spinoff show with JWoww could actually be sorta kinda cool. I'm a little interested to see what Snooki's little preggo journey will be like alongside her bestie. But heck, I'm SO much more into what Pauly has to offer.

Check out these 5 reasons we're looking forward to The Pauly D project:


1. Pauly is HOT, DUH. OK, so guidos aren't really my thing. But you've gotta admit that the way Pauly says "Cabs are heerahhh" makes your lady parts tingle if only a little bit. He's TOTES a solid 8.5 outta 10 on the if you think guidos are hot scale.

2. His new crew. Don't get me wrong, I have a soft spot for everyone from The Jersey Shore (minus Angelina). However, Pauly's new crew in the spinoff reminds me of the Entourage gang. With buddies boasting names like Biggie, Jerry, and JROC -- it's going to be like an Italian fiesta every Thursday night.

3. The beats. The promo for Pauly's new gig shows a whole lot of DJ'ing. I'm hoping that means there's gonna be a whole lot of dancing going on. In other words, I could use some new tunes for the gym and Pauly's spinoff is where it's AT.

4. His attitude: Pauly was brought up in a good home and has a very VERY supportive family. Remember on last season of Jersey Shore, we saw them all come out to celebrate his birthday? The guy is a good egg, and that's reflected in his attitude and his outlook. I think a show focusing on him will be refreshing.

5. No annoying drama: Of course, no show on MTV would be complete without a little bit of drams. However, Pauly D is all about keeping it real, and I think that's a fun twist we'll see with his spinoff.

Check out more about The Pauly D Project, here:

Will you be watching tomorrow night's premiere of The Pauly D Project?


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