Lindsay Lohan on 'Glee' Is Going to Be Terrific

lindsay lohanDon't call it a comeback -- Lindsay Lohan is going to star in an upcoming episode of Glee. The 25-year-old hosted Saturday Night Live a few weeks ago and is taking that momentum over to prime time. It's been confirmed that LiLo will play herself in one of the final episodes in May -- she'll be a judge at Nationals. Glee's been trying to grab audiences' attention with their famous guest stars and they may have outdone themselves with this casting job. Lindsay? As herself? As a judge? On Glee? Yes please.


I can't wait to watch her critique the Gleeks. It'll be so ironic since, you know, Lindsay's not really in a position to judge anyone -- her dirty laundry has been hanging out to dry on the national clothesline for years now. And it's not like her singing career was anything to write home about. Anyone remember "Rumors"? Or that song about how she hates her dad and she's like breaking a glass window and rolling around in a puffy dress? Yeah, didn't think so.

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If the Glee writers are anything like those at SNL, I'm sure Lindsay's performance will be full of self-deprecating humor and references to the public's perception and if they mention her plastic surgery, I don't think anyone will complain. I mean, it has to be discussed, doesn't it?

We'll have to wait until next month to see how Lindsay does, but if this new gig is any indication, it sounds like we'll be seeing more and more of LiLo on the small screen. One small guest spot on Glee, one giant leap for Lindsay Lohan.

Do you think Lindsay will be good on Glee?


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