Cory Monteith Kissed Megan Hilty: Ooh, It's a 'Glee' & 'Smash' Love Triangle! (VIDEO)

Cory Monteith and Megan HiltyLea Michele and Cory Monteith may have just jetted back to L.A. together looking like quite the cute couple, but it wasn't Lea who Cory was caught locking lips with this weekend. At Saturday's GLAAD Awards, Smash star (and my personal fave -- go Ivy!) Megan Hilty smooched the Glee heartthrob. Pics of the kiss are everywhere today!

Wuh-oh, does this spell trouble in our favorite Glee couple's paradise? Could there be a Smash-Glee love triangle on the horizon? Eeek, say it isn't so!


Well, I can officially say it isn't so ... as Mercedes would put it, "Hell to the no!" Finchel Lory fans can rest assured. It was all for a good cause. Hilty bid $5K for the kiss in an auction co-host Naya Rivera proposed, offering her "sweet lady kisses" -- and apparently, Cory's hot manly kisses -- to the highest bidder in order to help raise funds for GLAAD's work. Later, Megan clarified that the kiss rocked, but it wasn't like she had been plotting to seduce Cory or anything!

She explained to Celebuzz:

It was a last minute decision. The guy who originally bid backed down — and I’m pretty much up for anything.

Better yet, she made sure to note that while she hadn't spoken to Lea Michele about the "incident," her fellow Broadway diva's feelings were on her mind. Megan said, "It was for a good cause. I hope Lea isn't jealous … She and I are friends and go way back."

Innnteresting ... And in nodding to that potential jealousy, didn't Megan just out these two as an official couple?! Love it!!! As far as I'm concerned, Smash and Glee stars can get cozy anytime. Seems like it's bound to be a good time had by all.

Here's a video clip of what went down leading up to the big kiss ...

How cute is Cory? Are you a Megan/Smash fan too?


Image via glaadmedia/YouTube

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