'Zou Bisou Bisou' Was the Perfect Kickoff Song for 'Mad Men' Season 5 (VIDEO)

zou bisou bisou
Megan croons 'Zou Bisou Bisou' to Don
It's been over 24 hours since Mad Men season five premiered on AMC, and fans can't get one thing out of their heads. (Okay, maybe two if you count that steamy visual of Megan and Don's "angry floor sex.") The flirty French tune Megan (played by Jessica Pare) sings to her new hubby at his 40th birthday party, "Zou Bisou Bisou," is a total earworm. So much so that we want to listen to it over and over again.

Here, five reasons Pare's "hotkward" performance of the song was the best way to kick off the sexy new season ...

  1. The entire Mad Men staff couldn't get it out of their heads. Weiner dished to NPR yesterday that was one of the key reasons he chose it. And anything that inspires them to bring us a steamier season of the best show on television today is good with me!
  2. It managed to showcase Jessica Pare's singing ability. The actress has never before sung professionally. Who knows if she could have pulled off another song quite as well? Plus, she herself was content with the choice, telling the Wall Street Journal: "I think it was a perfect choice, a great song and very much of the period."
  3. It illustrates that moment in time. Although the track was originally released in 1961, and season five takes place in 1966, it was the perfect soundtrack for some of those mid-'60s mod dance moves Pare worked into her show for Don. She explained, "We tied it in with the dance; working on the choreography informed the performance."
  4. It fit perfectly with the season premiere episode title. Months before the premiere, we knew the first ep would be entitled, "A Little Kiss." Well, whatya know? "Zou Bisou Bisou" translates to "Oh you kiss, kiss!"
  5. You can really read into it as major foreshadowing. As Pare put it, "The reason that it's so awkward isn’t that she was doing anything wrong, but because it's private." Don and Megan "have a great connection, and a very strong physical connection, so she is recklessly airing that." Anyone else think that her comfort with doing that is going to play a part in the demise of their marriage??
  6. It's Glee-izing Mad Men. Pare's recording of the song is actually being released on iTunes! Sweet!

Here's a video of the performance if you missed or just want to relive it ...

Were you a fan of Pare's hotkward performance?


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