Miley Cyrus Is Totally Not Engaged, Dang Flabbit! (VIDEO)

miley cyrus engagement ringHere's what I love about Miley Cyrus and her engagement rumor-denial tweet -- it totally sounds like a line of dialogue from Hannah Montana:

"I'm not engaged. I've been wearing this same ring on this finger since November! People just wanna find something to tal(k) about! It's a topaz people!"

It's a topaz people!! Sweet niblets!!

Can't you just picture Lilly and Oliver smacking themselves on the foreheads?

It was a topaz all along!

Cue the theme song: You got the limo out front/Ooh Wah Ooh/Hot styles/Every shoe, every color ...

Hey, you know what else I just realized?


Liam Hemsworth is the first guy Miley Cyrus has dated who totally looks like he could have been a regular on Hannah Montana.

Could this be a case of life imitating art? (Or celeb gossip imitating pop culture phenom? Wait, I don't think those are two different things.)

Anyway, I believe Miley. The ring doesn't look like a topaz to me -- but it doesn't look like an engagement ring, either. Plus, sometimes she wears it on her middle finger. Since when does a ring on a middle finger mean wedding bells?

Either way, I think Miley should take her acoustic guitar out on the back porch and strum a thoughtful song about not being engaged. Then Billy Ray Cyrus can join in, put on a harmony -- maybe offer some southern-fried fatherly advice about waiting for the right man.

Who would've thought that a small-town girl could double as a superstar?

Do you think Miley Cyrus is engaged?

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