Bobby Brown Arrested -- Seriously?! (VIDEO)

bobby brownOh. My. God. Bobby Brown? Of all people?? I just ... I just can't believe it. Apparently the grieving singer was arrested today on suspicion of driving under the influence (under the influence of what, we're not entirely sure just yet). But under the influence of something less-than-good. Wait, not the Bobby Brown who was turned away from Whitney Houston's scene of death?

Not the Bobby Brown who left Whitney Houston's funeral early because of a "disagreement" with Houston's family?

Please, tell me it's all a big mistake. Are they sure it wasn't Lindsay Lohan??

Look, I feel bad for the guy. I really, really do. He's had a rough time as of late. But ... did anybody else see this coming?


I'm willing to bet Bobbi Kristina saw it coming. The 17-year-old must feel like she's lost both parents now.

Brown was apparently pulled over for talking on his cell phone. According to the arrest report, Brown “displayed objective symptoms of intoxication and was asked to submit to a series of Field Sobriety test[s] that he was unable to perform as explained/demonstrated.”

Just what Bobbi Kristina needed to hear.

When somebody dies the way Whitney Houston died, that person's loved ones (should they have similar demons) can either take the tragedy as a wake-up call or an excuse to go down the same path. 

Let's hope Bobby Brown does the former and pulls himself together.

Do you think Bobby Brown has a shot at cleaning himself up and being a father to Bobbi Kristina?

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