Camille Grammer Fired From ‘RHOBH’? Say It Isn’t So! (VIDEO)

camille grammerOkay, ummmm, what is happening here? Am I in an alternate dimension or something? A paradigm universe? Camille Grammer is not coming back to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? Woooowww. That's some s**t right there.

As we (and her publicist) recently told you, the decision to peace out was "100 percent hers." But now, we're hearing rumblings that it wasn't all Camille, and that, actually, she may have been fired. To hell you say!

Now, I love RHOBH. It's actually my current favie-bear of the lot. But not having Camille on the show -- especially if she was fired? Well, that's a game changer right there, my friends.


First season, I hated Camille. I thought she (and her friend Allison DuBois) was off-her-rocker cray-cray, and I loved to dislike her. I was (and still am) Team Kyle all the way. But second season, something changed.

Maybe it was because she saw her behavior on TV, or maybe it was because her divorce from Kelsey Grammer finally went through, but this past season, there was a real change in Camille. I actually liked her. And I didn't find her boring to watch. I mean, hello, the scene where they were all confronting Taylor? Camille had balls of steel!

I also liked how she was part of the group, but she wasn't part of the group, you know? Like, she hung out with the women -- probably because she had to shoot scenes with them and whatnot -- but she totally had this separate life. And they showed that life. And they also showed her bomb-ass homes, which were one of my favorite parts. Her ski house in Colorado? Amazing. The apartment in New York? Heaven.

I honestly don't see a reason to get rid of Camille just yet. Love her or hate her, she hasn't gotten that boring. She still entertains. And if the producers at Bravo can keep people like Vicki Gunvalson and Ramona Singer on for as long as they have, surely they can keep Camille.

Check out a video on Camille's leaving:

Do you think Camille quit or was let go? Would you like to see her stay?

Image via Bravo

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