Rob Kardashian Arrested After Lady Spat & ‘Trying to Kill’ a Paparazzo (VIDEO)

Rob Kardashian arrestAnother day, another celebrity arrest. Rob Kardashian had a run-in with the law over the weekend, and not so surprisingly, it was completely blown out of proportion. Essentially the king Kardashian "chased a paparazzo" into a local smoke shop after realizing he was filming him and a lady friend in some sort of argument. Amidst the paparazzo's yelling of things like, "He tried to kill me!" and "He chased me!" the police arrived and decided to take matters into their own hands by slapping a pair of cuffs on him.

Sounds ridiculous, right? Not to worry, amigas -- there's a video. Watch the arrest footage, here:


You know what bothers me about all of this? In my mind, it's clear that Rob was targeted because he's who he is. Hell, if I knew someone was filming a personal, private conversation I was having ... I'd be pissed too. It's also pretty clear that the paparazzo completely tried to work the system with his outrageous comments.

Not for nothing, but the way that the cops treated him also seemed to be a bit unnecessary. There he is, standing there cooperating, and the policeman is telling him not to resist the arrest. I'm sorry sir, do you need your eyes checked? He was CLEARLY listening to his orders. Sigh.

I guess these are the things that come with being a bit of a celebrity. The good news is that after the whole shebang went down, the cops determined that there was no "actual" altercation and let him go. The only problem I see? The Keeping Up cameras weren't there. I'd looooove to see what happened from E!'s point of view.

What do you think of Rob's run-in with the law from this weekend?


Image via TMZ

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