'Mad Men' Recap: 'A Little Kiss' Isn't Enough to Satisfy Don Draper

Don draper season five premiere
Don blushing as wife Megan sings 'Zoo Bisou Bisou.'
After months and months (17 to be exact) of anticipation, it was finally Memorial Day 1966 tonight! You know, on the two-hour premiere of Mad Men season five. And just as Matthew Weiner promised, in the more than half a year that has passed since we last saw Don Draper, his brand new secretary-turned-fiance Megan, Peggy, Joan (who we last saw questioning her pregnancy by Roger), and the rest of the Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce crew ... life has gone on. Without us. So we're left to our own devices to fill in the blanks.

Thankfully, at least some of the big Qs we had were answered right off the bat ...


Like ... Don definitely went through with marrying Megan! And they're still together. There she is, Bond girl-ed out in his bed when not-so-little-now Sally Draper accidentally confuses Dad's new bedroom door for the bathroom. And for the first half of the movie-length episode, we're under the impression that the newlyweds are blissful. They flirt, have sex all the time, and head to and from work together like Career-Savvy Ken & Barbie. (Three months ago, Megan was promoted to creative.) Worst of all, Megan has worked her French-Canadian magic to mellow Don out. Peggy even complains that now Don's "kind and patient." Warning, warning! That's not something anyone wants to hear! 

Thus, it's clear from the get-go that these two lovebirds are about to reach their peak. Megan throws Don a surprise 40th birthday party at their chic pad ... then puts on a sexy performance, singing the Sophia Loren tune "Zou Bisou Bisou," getting everyone at the party hot and bothered. Wuh-ohDon may be blushing, but later, he is not pleased. And not just because Megan's performance is technically about six months late. Yup, the new wife is well-aware he's already been 40 for half a year. (You know, because Dick Whitman's b-day is not Don Draper's.) And besides, Don hates his birthday, remember? Even though Betty didn't know about his double identity ('til the bitter end), she would have never thrown him a party. But Megan is too "kind." She laments to Peggy that she doesn't get "who wouldn't want a surprise birthday party." Uh ... your mysterious, tortured hubby, that's who! So, sooner or later -- my bet's on sooner -- Don's second marriage will be a goner!

In the meantime, Joan's grappling with raising her baby boy with her mom's help and without a father so far -- neither the pseudo one who is off in Vietnam or the real one (who is still married to fake-baked Jane)! She also misses work terribly, and why shouldn't she? SCDP isn't the same without her.

We also got caught up with miserable Pete Campbell (ugh, I can't stand him!) who now lives in Greenwich and has a baby at home and is petitioning for an office with a view; Harry Crane, who makes inappropriate comments about Megan's sexy performance and is terribly embarrassed afterward (good!); Lane Pryce, who is reunited with his family but flirting with some strange woman on the phone; and Roger, who is still trying to screw over Pete.

The episode also touched on the climate of the civil rights movement, when rival agents at Young and Rubicam (Y&R) throw water bags on demonstrators demanding equal-opportunity employment. SCDP attempts to jab them in the Times for it, only to end up with well, lots of new candidates seeking equal opportunity employment. You say you want a revolution? Well, it looks like this season we're in for one.

Did you see tonight's Mad Men premiere -- thoughts? Will Megan and Don last? What do you think about Joan rushing back to the office? Does Pete Campbell drive you nuts, too?

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