At Least Camille Grammer Is Leaving 'Real Housewives' on a High Note

 Camille GrammerSo, yeah, it sucks that Camille Grammer won't be returning for season 3 of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Unless of course you are among the many that can't her and consider her a mean, vindictive poser -- well then it's good news for you! Whether you are Team Grammer or not, you have to admit that at least Grammer is leaving the show in a very un-Housewives way: without any drama. Grammer is sad to be going and would have stayed on if she could have. There was no bad-mouthing or other assorted nastiness that sometimes accompanies these things. With all the ways this might have gone down behind closed doors, she parlayed this to the public in a very diplomatic and dignified way. Everyone has said Grammer has gotten a touch of class lately, and this proves it!


Grammer very casually broke the news a grand opening of a new Blizz Frozen Yogurt at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas last night, where she was partying with some of her fellow Housewives. She told a reporter from US Weekly:

"I can't say too much at this moment, but we couldn't get it worked out. I love these girls. I really do. I've had so much fun with the franchise, but I guess the producers and I couldn't come to an agreement."

The 43-year-old's Twitter feed is streaming today with well-wishers leaving comments of "we'll miss you" "we're sad," to which Camille responded with "aww thank yous" and hearts. Honestly, this is probably a really good thing for Camille, and a good time to make this break. Everything else in her life seems to be falling into place, and that always makes transitions easier and sometimes welcome.

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She's recently reached a divorce settlement with her ex Kelsey Grammer, and she's been dating a hot younger guy, Dimitri Charalambopoulos, for several months. Her money and notoriety aren't going away any time soon, so what's not to embrace?

Here's a video from a while ago that shows that classy, humble side we were really loving lately ...

 Are you happy or sad that Camille is leaving RHOBH?



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