'Hunger Games' Hysteria Just Got More Fun With Wacky Name Generators

hunger games name generatorSo here I sit NOT planning to see The Hunger Games this weekend because it's going to be too darn crowded, plus already read the book and know what happens (still can't wait to see it on DVD!). But there's still lots of ways to take part in all the excitement of opening weekend with fun online distractions like one of the many Hunger Games name generators on the web. I came across a few that were worth about five minutes of my time to fiddle with (but probably not more than that, sorry to say).

Here's the wackiness that ensued when I plugged in some basic info to find out what my name would be if I was a character in The Hunger Games:


Vulture.com has a name generator that allows you to plug in your real name and gender, so at least you get either a boy or girl name. I did not like the first one at all, so I actually plugged my name in three times to see what the options were.

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Option 1:

hunger games name generator

Did not like because the first name reminded me of "labia" and followed by "lapworth" did not create a good association for me.


Option 2:

hunger games name generator

A little "disease" sounding, but better ...

The one I liked best was Option 3 (pictured on top), which I got by eliminating my middle name: Sagitarria Baxwoll, because that just sounds badass. The name of a chick you would not want to mess with. I might actually have a shot of winning The Hunger Games with a name like that.

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Hungernames.com (that's an "N" in there, not a "G") gives you random, non-gender specific names such as Wormwood Ragbone. Weird, but at least you find out how you will die: Wormwood by acid rain. Which is better than some of the other silly names and causes of death: Dogtooth Craydundle, killed by a "fishing hook to the eye," or Donkey Nibbleton, slayed by a "sharply worded insult."

And our 5 minutes are up, this is Sagitarria Baxwoll signing off ...

Try one of these name generators and tell us in comments what your Hunger Games name is!

Images via: vulture.com (first three); hungernames.com

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