Miley Cyrus Diamond Ring Photo Is Hilariously Childish (VIDEO)

Ohmygah y'all! Take a look at Miley Cyrus' hand, this is huge news! Look, look at it! This is the same Miley Cyrus who is dating Liam Helmsworth, by the by, the hottie of the moment, the star of the biggest film and teen phenomenon right now, The Hunger Games. Miley really wants you and everyone to see this photo of her sparkly, gorgeous ... new manicure? Never mind the $50,000 rock on her ring finger blaring a hole in your brain, Cyrus posted this twitpic because she was excited about some orange nail polish.

Nice try, Miley! We see right through that ... because we've done it a million times ourselves.


Cyrus tweeted this along with the photo: “I am soooo obsessed with @jennahipp nail foundations! It looks so chic and classic!” That was her "cover" of course. My guess is that she really tweeted this picture, which just so happens to be her left hand which includes a ginormous diamond, to mess with our heads a little.

She knew how people would react to a photo like this and what rumors would start bubbling, otherwise she would have taken a picture of her right hand, c'mon! You pretend that you are showing a picture or sharing a note or relaying gossip that prominently mentions one topic, but then you coyly slip in the real reason you are even bringing this up in the first place -- in this case a reminder to all the teens/women/cougars out there that engagement or not, LIAM IS HERS. The Hunger Games hit theaters this week, so timing is everything.

Cyrus has denied the engagement rumors of course ... even referring to Helmsworth as her "boyfriend" in a tweet the next day. It's just so fun and silly and 10th grade, isn't it? Have to wonder how Helmsworth will react to his girl's latest social media stunt, since it won't be the first time he's questioned her maturity. Check it out:


Wow, would you wear a diamond ring on your finger BEFORE you're actually engaged?

Image via MileyCyrus/Twitter

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