Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Totally Gets 'The Hunger Games' (PHOTOS)

ryan hunger

Hey girl, have you seen the latest Ryan Gosling-related meme of the day? Well, not surprisingly, this one has to do with The Hunger Games (opening night! opening night!), and also not surprisingly, it turns out Ryan Gosling can take something that's already pretty great and make it even better:

Who can take a rainbow
Wrap it in a sigh
Soak it in the sun
And make a strawberry lemon pie?

Forget Willy Wonka: Ryan Gosling IS the Candyman. (Btw, the lyrics to that song are super bizarre. Never noticed as a kid, but anyway.)

Hunger Games Gosling Tumblr is pretty much going to make your day. It might even make your week.

Check out a couple of our faves:


avox ryan gosling

Hey Ryan, you're so right. Words would totally just get in the way.

ryan gosling dandelion

Awww, baby! You so sweet! Lemme get a vase so I can put those bad boys in some water.

Don't you wish Ryan Gosling was actually starring in The Hunger Games?


Images via hungergamesgosling.tumblr.com

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