Kim Kardashian Should Have Worn This Dress When She Got Flour Bombed


kim kardashianDo you ever get confused by the whole rule of when it is and is not acceptable to wear white? Because there seems to be a bit of a gray area involved, to say the least. I've always been under the assumption that white should only be worn between Memorial Day and Labor Day, unless it's some sort of "wintry" white shade.

But after seeing Kim Kardashian wear this summery, bright white dress in March, I'm starting to think that we really shouldn't worry about what season we wear the color in. She rocked the heck out of that white dress -- and everyone knows that white isn't a very forgiving color.

Come to think of it, she probably shouldn't have even bothered to change her clothes before heading to an event at the London Hotel in L.A. -- where she got flour bombed on the red carpet. It would've been much easier for her to recover from the incident while wearing this dress instead of the black pant suit she had on!


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The dress really hugged every square inch of her body and showed off her enviable curves. And even though she's got a very sexy vibe going on, the little black sweater she paired with the dress added exactly the right touch of class to finish off the look. It also seemed to take away part of the "summery-ness" of the dress too, which made this style even more of a win.

Kim really knows what works for her shape, and she also has a real knack for taking fashion risks without being too over-the-top. Wearing this bright of a shade of white at the very beginning of spring was a bit daring, but Kim is living proof that fashion rules are meant to be broken. As long as your clothes look good and make you feel confident, then who cares what the season rules say?

Do you hesitate to wear white before Memorial Day?

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