Khloe Kardashian Better Reject Kris Jenner's Crazy New Request

khloe and lamar fightingOur girl Khloe Kardashian puts up with a lot, people. She gets all those nasty comments about being the tallest K sis, she's had to modulate all of Kim's messes, it seems like she's struggling in the baby department, and then her hubby gets traded and she has to move to Dallas. Rough times! Now, rumor has it her kookadook mama, Kris Jenner, is making her life even harder ...

Reportedly, Kris has got in her head that because Kim's nightmare of a marriage translated into sky-high ratings for Kourtney & Kim Take New York, Khloe needs some of that love-on-the-rocks action to give Khloe & Lamar viewers "what they want." Noooo!

Advertisement reports that Jenner has been hounding Khloe, telling her she wouldn't have her own reality show if it weren't for Lamar Odom. (Ouch.) And if they want to have another season, they need to "embellish the conflicts in the marriage."

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Poor Khloe! It's not uncommon for reality TV to wreak havoc on a relationship period (which seems to be the case here, also, according to the Hollywood Life source). So now, to add fuel to what might just be embers at this point, and "create drama on the show for ratings," as the source put it? Ugh! Even if Khloe and Lamar realize they're playing it up for the cameras, they could soon forget the difference between what's real and what's not. Hello, disaster.

If this isn't proof that the Kardashian reality machine is out of control, I'm not sure what is. With hope, Khloe and Lamar object altogether. And if that means peacing out of their reality show, whatever. It would be well-worth it to see one of the Kardash daughters strike back at Mommy Dearest!

What do you think about Kris Jenner's alleged request? Should Khloe and Lamar be furious about it?

Image via E! Online

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