Katy Perry Totally Wasn't Dissing On Beyonce, Boo (VIDEO)

katy perryHey! Katy Perry wants y'all to know whassup fo' realz! Cuz girl wasn't tryin' ta diss on Beyonce, okay? #gangstatweetz

Translation: Katy Perry took to Twitter today to address that snide little comment she made about Beyonce and Shakira's old duet, "Beautiful Liar" (namely that she doesn't want her eventual duet with Rihanna to suck as badly). And it totally wasn't an insult, she insists.

On Twitter, Katy Perry explained that she was simply trying to say ... well, I'm not really sure what she was trying to say.


Kinda hard to tell from this rather cryptic tweet:

F--k all y'all (press) dat thinks I dissed anyone, puhlez, u havin a slow news day or what?! Get a life, cuz it's not mine! #hoodratcominout

If ya ears are filled with wax it's time to get a cleanse boo ... Anywayz ... (steps off of box).

Oh, I get it! She wasn't dissing Beyonce, she was ... hang on. I know I can crack this code! If ya ears are filled with wax ... hmm. Maybe Perry's ears were plugged the last time she heard "Beautiful Liar," but since then she got a cleanse and now when she listens to the Beyonce/Shakira song she thinks it's the best duet ever.

Or maybe (and I'm kind of favoring this theory) Perry suffered some sort of serious head trauma while filming her new video for "Part of Me" (in which she plays a jilted girlfriend turned badass Marine) and has no idea what the hell she's saying or doing.

Yeah, I'm going with that one.

Do you think Katy Perry's tweet was a lame explanation for insulting Beyonce?

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