Kate Middleton Is Lucky to Have a Husband Who Isn't Around

kate middletonKate Middleton's long separation from her husband is finally coming to an end. Prince William has returned from his six-week RAF deployment to Britain this morning, and he'll reportedly be spending some much-needed time with his wife before he heads off again.

Although I'm sure she's thrilled to be reunited with her man, I think the time apart really did Duchess Catherine well. She seemed to really come into her own during the past month and a half. She attended various charity functions; she wore things; she spoke. It was kind of like a time of renewal for her, a chance to get re-acquainted with herself. And I'm not gonna lie, I'm a little jealous. Sometimes, I wish I could be separated from my husband for six weeks.


Not now, per se, being that I'm eight months pregnant, but, I don't know, some time. See, before we got married -- when we were just two kids living in sin -- my husband, then boyfriend, was in a touring band, and he'd leave town for months at a time.

Yes, obviously there were parts of the whole experience that sucked -- some really sucked. The missing each other's calls; the constant cacophony of screaming waste cases in the background when we didn't miss each other's calls; the always eating dinner alone. But other parts, parts I didn't even realize at the time, were pretty great.

I saw friends more often. I practically lived at the gym -- peak physical condition, people. My apartment was always spotless. And there was never -- ever -- a minute of sports on my television.

And then there were the times he'd come back.

It was fantastic. Obviously. When you go without someone you love for long stretches, it's always amazing when you're reunited. All the silly things that bug you on a daily basis don't matter. And, you know, there's other stuff, too.

Being away from my husband definitely isn't conducive to my life now -- and it probably won't be after our baby comes -- but I'm not ashamed to admit that, once in a while, I miss the whole being apart then reuniting thing. Maybe my hindsight's 20/20. Or maybe I'm just a weirdo, selfish about her alone time. But either way, every now and then, it seems kind of nice.

Do you value time apart from your significant other?



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