Kris Jenner Shows Moms You're Never Too Old to Be Trendy (VIDEO)

kris jennerSpring has finally arrived, and it's pretty obvious that vivid, eye-popping colors are all the rage this season. Brightly-hued garments are usually reserved for dressier looks, but the newest trend to hit store shelves in the past few weeks has breathed new life into the go-to uniform that many of us wear on a daily basis -- denim. From pinks and blues to pastels and prints, jeans are anything but vanilla this season.

Plenty of celebrities have been seen sporting colorful pants, and even Kris Jenner went out and bought herself a piece of the action with these pinkish-red jeans. She paired them with leopard print booties and a leather jacket -- and pulled off the look just as well as any 20-year-old would have.


As a 34-year-old mom, I've been a little bit shy about hopping on the colored denim bandwagon. As cute as I think these jeans look on younger women like Jessica Alba, I've been nervous that they would make me look like I was trying a bit too hard to get back to my pre-baby style. I did venture into Gap one day and tried on a pair of red jeans, but I chickened out on buying them at the last minute because I wasn't sure I was cool enough for this trend.

However, after seeing Kris Jenner rock this look, I can't help but wonder exactly what I was so concerned about. She looks great -- and honestly, the outfit makes her look a lot younger, in a good way. By putting an age limit on being trendy, I am only selling myself short as far as looking stylish and current goes. Hmm. I may have to step out of my comfort zone and pick up a pair of eye-catching jeans while I'm out shopping this weekend.

For tips on how to wear colored denim, check out the video clip below.


Have you added bright jeans to your wardrobe yet this spring?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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