Brad Pitt & Jennifer Lawrence Rumors Mean 'Hunger Games' Star Has Officially Made It (VIDEO)

jennifer lawrenceHunger Games fever has swept the nation, and for your information, that doesn't preclude Brad Pitt. A recent report from the always-iron-clad Star magazine claims that not only is Brad obsessed with the movie, which he got a sneak preview of, but he's obsessed with Katniss herself, AKA the smokin' hot Jennifer Lawrence. The report, which, honestly, who really believes, says that Brad can't stop talking about how "gorgeous, poised, and talented" Jennifer is. And as if that wasn't enough to satiate your gossip sweet tooth, Star claims that Brad's been texting Jennifer, to boot. And when Angelina Jolie found out -- ooh, all hell broke loose!

True? Eh, doubt it. But, buckle up, Jennifer, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.


Although highly anticipated, the movie isn't even out yet -- and here we are, already reading totally crazy, highly unlikely stories in rag mags about the lead actress' involvement with Brad Pitt -- arguably the most famous actor in the world. It's insane, but the sad truth is, this kind confirms that Jennifer's made it. Welcome to Hollywood! Prepare to have your life constantly scrutinized and countless lies written about you.

That said, though, the rumor is kind of a testament to what people think of Jennifer Lawrence. One of her first gossip-y stints in a tabloid magazine pairs her with inarguably the most famous couple in the world. As gross as it is, it's kind of big. In a weird, f-ed up, twisted way, Jennifer should be flattered that this is the hand she was dealt, as opposed to, I dunno, a story about her having a drunken hook-up with Steve-O or something. Right?

She should look on the bright side -- there could be worse things written about you than Brad Pitt being infatuated.

Check out a video of Jennifer Lawrence talking about her upcoming movie:

Are you excited for The Hunger Games?


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